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Federal Retirement Counseling

Our background is in retirement counseling for government employees. As a Federal, state, or local employee, we understand that resources are very limited and often stretched thin. We use our background to help assist these employees in determining what their retirement will look like once all the pieces fall into place.

Financial Planning

In order to make the best decision today, we need to understand what tomorrow is going to look like. As investors, it’s important to make sound financial plans for the future. Our process is designed to help take the guesswork out of your retirement plan. By having access to our financial planning process and team, you can learn the specifics about how your retirement will be affected in the long term.

Investments/Wealth Management

Part of our system is helping you maximize your wealth. We don’t believe in commission-based financial planning. We realize that drawdowns in the market are inevitable; our goal is to help manage your investments so you will be well-equipped to navigate all the possible retirement scenarios. Once your plan is in place, we will monitor your progress against the forecast to make sure you stay on the right track.

Estate Planning

Making it to retirement is just one obstacle. After retirement, it’s important to take an overall view of your portfolio, assets, and liabilities and make sure they are structured for the next generation. By utilizing these strategies ahead of time, we can help to mitigate the stress that the next generation will face.

Pension Computation

As a government employee, your pension is often a cornerstone of your ability to retire. As important as they are, pensions aren’t always easy to understand. When you hit full retirement age, for instance, how much will your pension be? Our job is to help you figure these things out. We want you to have accurate, credible, and easy-to-understand information, so you know exactly what will happen during your retirement.

Net Vs. Net Analysis

In the financial services industry, we’re often focused on how much money you’re going to make in a given year. This information is valuable and necessary, along with how much money you’re actually going to be living on. Prior to retirement, a majority of your income went to 401(k) contributions, union dues, group life/disability premiums, and so on. In retirement, your income changes along with what you spend it on. You need to examine your current level of income and find out if your income will be the same in retirement and how long it will last. The net vs. net analysis helps you answer that question.

 TSP/401(k) Allocation and Options

We all know that saving in a 401(k)/TSP is an appropriate choice and that it’s best to tuck money away for retirement. Also, if it’s matched, then you absolutely should take advantage of that opportunity. However, many neglect to realize that the funds invested in it can be just as important. As an investor, it’s important to understand what each fund represents, what the risk and returns are, and how those choices can impact your retirement. When working through 401(k)/TSP allocation options for clients, we want to bring up your level of understanding, help you feel confident about your choices, and show you how different fund choices will impact your financial plan now and in the future.

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